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Welcome to Midas

Midas Residential is a residential real estate brokerage and consulting firm that specializes in representation services. Our experience, credentials, and seamless blend of advisory and transactional services afford our clients unwavering and superior service. The company's foundational commitment to hard work, availability, accountability, ethics, innovation, and solutions results in client loyalty.

At Midas, the needs of our clients are top priority and the attainment of their objectives is our focus. We believe in listening and then responding in ways that capture the ultimate objective of our clients. Every client and requirement is unique, so listening and customization of services is key to success.

Chuck Valdez – BIC (Broker In Charge)/ Manager

The Midas commitment to our clients is uncompromising. As Manager, I make it my personal responsibility to ensure that we do not just satisfy the initial need of our clients, but continue to exceed their expectations upon each interaction. No client is more important than a Midas client.

Our Firm

Midas has offices in Florida and North Carolina. We are also licensed in South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia and Texas. Additionally, Midas has conducted business throughout the entire United States. Our professionalism, unique perspective, and total commitment produces the highest level of superior service with even the most complex assignments.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to continually provide our clients with a level of service quality that is unobtainable through other consulting and brokerage firms, while simultaneously surpassing their expectations on a regular basis.

Midas Culture

The foundation of Midas is derived from its culture for success. Ongoing innovation, cutting-edge ideas, accessibility to information, professionalism, and attention to details are our core values. Our continued pursuit to enhance our systems and processes is what our clients appreciate most. The dedication to our clients' objectives, keeps them coming back. Leadership by performance, ethics, integrity, and credibility enhance our reputation in the business community.

Unique Perspective

Our clients realize the complexities associated with real estate decisions and hire us for guidance, insight, and knowledge. Real estate decisions can significantly impact individuals in a positive and negative way. As a result, real estate decisions must be aligned with an individuals' or family's strategic and financial plan in order to become an asset versus a liability.

The Approach

Regardless of a client's real estate need, each requirement is approached with consistent dedication.

Client Services

By always serving first as advisor to our clients, Midas generates a high level of client trust and loyalty. We strive to understand our clients' long-term objectives and tailor our process to achieve these objectives, rather than simply fulfilling a short-term real estate requirement. The commitment to exceed our clients' expectations by continually adding value allows us to perform above industry standards.

Exceptional reputation for quality service coupled with our multi-faceted involvement in real estate advisory provides our clients with a combination of services that streamline the real estate experience. The combination of service experiences provides a Midas client with an industry advantage.



Meet Chuck

Chuck Valdez

Chuck was born in Tampa, and graduated from Appalachian State University with a degree in Real Estate and Urban Analysis. He utilizes his education in real estate law, appraisal, investment, finance and accounting, to offer a superior level of service evidenced by sophistication, and professionalism. His integrity, sincerity and reputation for success have resulted in the ultimate achievement - clients committing their long-term loyalty to making him an active part of their ongoing real estate strategic planning.

Career Summary

Chuck serves as manager of Midas Residential and oversees all aspects of the company operations. He began his real estate brokerage career working in the Atlanta office of Julien J. Studley as an associate broker. In January of 2002, Chuck left Julien J. Studley and moved to North Carolina where he joined Advantis GVA as a commercial broker. In July of 2004 he joined Triangle Commercial and served as a commercial broker and the top producer in 2006, completing the two largest transactions in the company's history. In September 2007 he left Triangle Commercial to integrate his experience, knowledge, and leadership into the strategic platform of Midas Residential and Midas Commercial Investments. Chuck has built an impressive local and national client list. Upon the closure of 2016, Chuck closed approximately 2.2 million sq.ft. of real estate transactions with a collective value north of $95 million.

Professional Associations

Degree: Real Estate and Urban Analysis (Appalachian State University, Boone, N.C.)